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Morena Corazon is now in the US & Canada


  • “I love Morena CorazĂłn because the art of Wixarika is transformed into fun pieces, it can be used on a daily basis and in special events.”

    Laurencia LeĂłn

  • “I happily join in the celebration of the first decade of Morena CorazĂłn, feeling very proud of the passion and energy of SofĂ­a, who with some much love, strength, and creativity has achieved the success that we hope will remain for many years. I am forever grateful for being part of the career and witnessing such gratifying growth. ÂĄCongratulations Sofi and her great team! You are in my heart.”

    Laura Reyes

  • “¡I love the brand! I have known Sofi for a very long time and I feel very proud of all the success she has achieved, I admire her a lot. Congratulations on this 10 years and let them be many more”

    Sofy Garza

  • “Congratulations to Morena CorazĂłn. I always wish you success and that you can continue promoting Mexican art mixed with the wonderful jewelry you make. I love you and I love that you are from TorreĂłn”

    RocĂ­o Vargas

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