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The timelessness of the Eye of God

The timelessness of the Eye of God

Morena Corazón is a brand that strives for high-quality products, implements continuous research, looking for new ideas to anticipate all kinds of new trends, concepts and customization needs through creativity.

However, the brand is also looking for a quality that is increasingly necessary and essential in all sustainable creative industries: timelessness. The timeless exists in powerful symbols with amazing stories behind them. Such is the Eye of God.

The Eye of God (tzixuri in wixárika) is a very important niérika. It is made up of a tangle of yarns that, supported by a cross of sticks, revolve concentrically around a void, an eye, an absence of matter.

Moving around the center, the stamen forms diamonds. Each diamond is prepared with a different color and the tzicuri can have diamonds of up to five colors. There is a very interesting Wixárika legend.

kauyumari and babies

The story goes that Kauyumari, the deer god and one of those responsible for creation, was very concerned because he did not imagine what the world he had to create could be like. So he had an idea, took a tzicuri and leaned out to spy on the world in its entirety. And he had no problem, through this eye he saw everything he needed to create with signs and details. Because it is important to know that this fantastic object allows you to see the unknown.

When children are born in the communities, a presentation ceremony is organized so that the gods know them and take them into account. In this ceremony, a priest holds a tzicuri over the head of each child who, at the same time, makes a loud noise with rattles held in his hands.

With this noise they draw the attention of the gods to their people and, once attracted, the gods appear through the tzicuri to meet them. This ceremony is performed once a year from birth and for five years in a row. In this way, presentations are made and communication is established between the old gods and the new Wixaritari that are born.

Timelessness and social responsibility

Through creative cross-pollination, Morena Corazón has managed to revisit the iconographic elements of the Wixárika culture and transform them into innovative fashion and design elements.

Thinking of something as powerful as the Ojo de Dios as an accessory that can be used every day means that culture lives on in the creative decisions of its users and influences the way they see the world, always in a respectful way and with the supporting concepts solid enough to justify its use as a form of expression.

Like the Eye of God, other ancient symbols are worthy of reinterpretation. The stories behind each one have been told and written to explain and model the reality in which we live. Adopting the best of each other is nice and it's okay. Find the most emblematic symbols, timeless and reinterpreted by the vision of Morena Corazón here .