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Commitment to Heritage

Preserving our heritage is the only way to ensure our future. 

Morena Corazon Artists

Morena Corazón emerged as a tribute to the different artistic expressions of our past and present.

The respect we have for our heritage is at the heart of each piece and is born from our ideals for the future. To create we focus on respect, inclusion, and the reinterpretation of traditions.

We work hand in hand with Wiraritari (commonly known as Huicholes) a major ethnic group located in west central Mexico, recognized for their colorful and complex art, traditionally made in active meditation based on their cosmogony.

With every purchase you make, Morena Corazon generates resources through fair trade to support the conservation of a rich heritage and the growth, development and preservation of the originary communities, such as the ones in Nayairt (Huaymota, Potrero de las Palmitas, Las Higuers and Nueva Valey) and Jalisco (San Andrés Cohamiata).


Morena Corazon Artisans
Wixárika artisans are heirs to millennial artistic techniques and a unique cosmovisión that makes their art stand out as a unique expression of the past and present.

With small and colorful Czech glass beads and under active meditation they handcraft patterns and designs to convey symbols of protection, love and offerings.
We work with women and men skilled in this ancient artform to create new expressions of our shared reality, helping each other to generate wellbeing and recognition of traditions.
Each piece of jewelry goes through the hands of these artisans, enriched with the energy of their active meditation and the context of the communities they live in.


Morena Corazon Community
The Wixaritari (plural for wixárika) are more commonly referred to, although wrongly, as huicholes. In their language Huichol means “he who runs away” while Wixárika means “person with a deep heart who loves knowledge”.
This originary culture’s cosmovision includes two main ideas:
1. In nature it is essential to keep alive the connections that link everyone with everything, therefore the wellbeing of the community is the wellbeing of the individual.
2. Communication is essential for being together, communication with one another and also with the gods and our ancestors to really be connected to this world.
The Wixaritari live in the “Sierra Madre Occidental” a major mountain range system of the North American cordillera mainly in the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Durango, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosí.
The Wixarika artisans who make possible the colors, details and beauty of each of our pieces come from small communities in the states of Nayarit (Huaynamota, Potrero de las Palmitas, Las Higueras and Nueva Valey) and Jalisco (San Andres Cohamiata). Through this collaborative work, we have been able to bring this spectacular element of our heritage to the top of the fashion world in international exhibitions and in our own country.

Our Impact

Morena Corazon Impact
Morena Corazón was born with the ideal of promoting and paying homage to the art of the Wixarika people, generating, in turn, well-paid jobs for artisans and well-being for their communities in Jalisco and Nayarit.

This ideal remains, but has also evolved into specific objectives, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

1. Establish a strong fair trade policy for artists and artisans from originary communities to ensure fair incomes that, in turn impact: home infrastructure, adequate nutrition, and access to education for the younger generations.
2. Drive actions to ensure that the communities we collaborate with attain safety and coverage of basic services.
3. Ensure that our production and distribution processes strengthen the permanency of the communities avoiding the need for migration to big cities
4. Promote environmentally friendly production processes through the optimization of water and energy usage.
5. Promote equality of opportunities within the company and among our associates.
6. Contribute deeply to the transformation of the fashion industry, so that it is no longer a generator of poverty and pollution.
In October 2020, we set ourselves the commitment to become an ethical brand, taking the necessary actions to achieve this mission.
News coming soon.