Meet the Designer – Morena Corazon USA

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Morena Corazon is now in the US & Canada

Meet the Designer

Morena Corazon Founder Sofia Berlanga

“What I like most is to provoke, merge, and create new ways of artistic expression through the respectful merging of different cultures and traditions.”

Sofia Berlanga, Founder

In my journey as a designer I’ve always been transfixed by the passionate and surreal artistic expressions of Mexico and the originary cultures that developed thousands of years ago and survive today.  I realized a future void of this cultural heritage was no option and began this project where we can all connect with our emotions through jewelry embedded with ancient meaning. 
Morena Corazon Founder Sofia Berlanga
Sofía Berlanga is the founder of Morena Corazón where she has made it her life’s work to build a business model where artisans and artists from Wixárika communities are actively included in the fashion industry, contributing to the conservancy of their culture, traditions, art work and ways of life.