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What is the origin of good and bad vibes?

What is the origin of good and bad vibes?

Energy is a physical reality that is defined as the ability to perform actions. Many people understand it as a force that is constantly active, always functioning as the origin of the actions and movements of everything that exists.

The concept belongs to Physics, however, it is common to find it in other areas such as economics, spirituality, art or technology. It has even been positioned as the basis for some medical approaches known as "bioenergetics." It was from these approaches that energy became popular in the media, it even permeated entertainment and now it is known that it circulates within the framework of some occult or esoteric beliefs.

It was probably a matter of time before energy had a moral connotation in daily life. The "good" and "bad" energy appeared. Since then we find these expressions everywhere and countless theories around them. How seriously should energy be taken through its good or bad vibes?

science and views

The answer to the previous question can be answered from bioenergetics, an approach to medicine that began to be studied within psychoanalysis. It assumes that the body and mind make up a single conscious identity. For this reason, the emotional and mental aspects are so important to think of the world as a space in which the energy of people influences the environment.

Energy is essential for every function of the body and mind to take place. When it is altered, by factors that can or cannot be controlled, the functions of the body and mind could be altered. For many, it is right there where illnesses begin, which can only be cured with very active intervention by doctors, both emotionally and physically.

Other interpretations of human energy and vibes are associated with an incredible influence from some Eastern philosophies. Within the spiritual, there are highly respected concepts, and that in the oriental scene are incredibly relevant, such as "balance" (Yin and Yang). Today, it is very common to find balance as the guiding principle of some relaxation practices, since it is handled as an effective element to calm people down and thereby achieve a more bearable life.

From all the research, approaches and practices related to energy and its effects on the tangible and on consciousness, people began to talk about "good" and "bad" energy or vibes, a conversation that has transcended into the debate. on the esoteric and has put into the microscope aspects as complex as the human capacity to have intentions.

The magic of mind and body

When someone enters the room, we see their photo or hear their voice, we immediately deduce their "vibes", inherent forces that, depending on their carrier, can cause harm or well-being, both to those who transmit them and to those who are exposed to them. Apparently, that energy also has the capacity to be contagious, like a fever: it is transmitted from one person to another, simply by contact, but also by thought.

For those who believe that people's vibes exist, they are self-evident and simply self-explanatory. But have we already managed to define for sure what is good and bad? The human race has not yet agreed, but the notions are clear. They depend on the culture and belief system of the people. While for some excessive cleaning is good, for others it is bad. While for some synthetic clothing is fine, for others it is fatal. Is it good to eat or fast? Is it good to work or rest? We know that everything depends on the circumstances, the context. But many times, when you think too much about energy or vibes, every issue can lose nuance and become absolute.

The two great current emotional disorders, depression and anxiety, are communicated both verbally and through gestures and attitudes. And they do have the power to actualize or arouse the anxiety and depression of others. This power does not come from who carries those states, but from the vulnerability of who perceives them.

A person prone to depression and anxiety will activate these emotions if they meet someone who transmits signals that they are sad or distressed. The same thing happens with enthusiasm, affection and admiration. Invariably the matter is in the mind and still has the potential to be observed, until we achieve the ability to have control over it, and to be able to communicate it safely.

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