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The debut of the Mexican pink in New York

The debut of the Mexican pink in New York

Mexicans are famous throughout the world for our spontaneity and the charisma of our culture, which in turn gives us a charming and lively identity.

The color Mexican pink is part of that cultural identity. The name for such a unique color effectively represents a hue that has long been rooted in the traditions of our native cultures and in recent avant-garde design, although it seems that this color did not have a name in Spanish before the last century.

"It's Mexican Pink"

In the mid-1940s, the Mexican designer Ramón Valdiosera made a long research trip through Mexico in which he contacted people from different native cultures and collected typical garments from the different regions. Interested in adapting traditional Mexican clothing to contemporary fashion, Valdiosera went to New York in 1951 for a fashion show, with designs inspired by the colorful bougainvilleas.

At the end of the presentation, the international press asked him about the origin of the color of his designs, to which Valdiosera replied that it was the shade of intense pink, part of Mexican culture, which includes objects as varied as popular toys, typical clothing , sweets and traditional architecture. In Mexico, many things belonging to daily life were painted with that tone. This is the moment, from which Ramón Valdiosera supposedly gave his name to the most iconic color in Mexico: later he became known as one of the most important and famous designers who changed and gave high fidelity to Mexican fashion.

Valdiosera made a visible contribution to the national project on the uses of color in Mexico. From that moment, the color was announced to the world as the "Mexican pink", a color that became part of a national identity, summarizing the idiosyncrasy and nature of a people, the choice of a color that defines their way of life.

Its cultural diversity, flexibility, and adaptation positions Mexico as a country with roots, traditions, and aspirations for modernity. At Morena Corazón we seek to highlight Mexican culture and beauty on all the fashion and design platforms in which we participate, as well as Ramón Valdiosera, this time we had to work for this ideal in the Big Apple.