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Morena Corazon is now in the US & Canada



We want to share with you a little about our process, so that you can delve a little deeper and learn about the richness of the fusion between our designs and the ancestral techniques of the artisans who use our pieces.

The first process occurs in the mind of our designer and founder, SofĂ­a Berlanga, who, together with our designers, creates unique pieces and collections which come true through artisan-industrial techniques, based on tin, brass and/or zamac. , which are covered with 24k gold. Our jeweler artisans are in charge of finishing giving life to the base creations. The gold in these pieces has a great deposit quality, which gives it the durability and beauty that stands out in our brand.

After this, the pieces travel over several days to reach the Wixarika communities of the Sierra Madre Occidental in our beautiful country Mexico, where the artisans work their magic, gluing the mini Czech glass beads one by one, which They form the colorful designs of our pieces, they are received back at our headquarters, located in the north of the country, and the pieces are assembled to turn them into each of the different pieces that you have in your hands.

Each of the processes is preceded by a rigorous quality inspection to always deliver you a unique piece that in itself makes your authenticity and beauty stand out for everyone to see.

The perfection of sample pieces lies in the difference between one another, as they are handcrafted with ancestral techniques, there is always a perfect variation, because craftsmanship is invaluable.

Enjoy your MORENA CORAZÓN piece, we are sure you will love it just like we do.